Invitation to the IPA Ordinary General Assembly 2018

06 June, 2018 Notices
【Important Notice】

Dear IPA members
Further to my call on 31 May, I am honoured to announce opening of the IPA Ordinary General Assembly 2018 for the period between 6th June and 21st June and invite all IPA members to participate in with your voting rights.
Your vote is very essential commitment to support IPA activities and its management. Please review all Agendas and vote on them during the aforesaid period. The quorum of the General Assembly shall be a majority of IPA individual members and Corporate members in accordance with Article 22, Chapter V of Constitution. Therefore, I would like to advise all IPA members to exercise your voting right for the General Assembly 2018 to support IPA for successful future activities.
The detailed procedure of voting is described in the following.
Yours sincerely
President of the IPA
Voting Procedure

Step 1             Login the IPA Members Site (
Step 2             Click the [ Voting for the General Assembly]
Step 3          Click the [Voting] button
       Open the PDF file of the six (6) Agenda and review them carefully
Step 4          Voting to approve or reject on each Agenda
                       If you have any opinions, please post your comments
Step 5             Please confirm your vote by clicking the [Confirmed] button
Note: Pleas be informed that free memberships associated with the Corporate Members and
Student Memberships do not have voting rights in accordance with Constitution.

[Invitation to the Ordinary General Assembly 2018] PDF
[Agenda Item 1~6] PDF