Life-long Contribution Award (多年にわたる貢献に対する顕彰)

  • Mr. Akio Kitamura, the Executive Chairman of Giken Ltd. and the honorary president of the International Press-in Association
Mr. Akio Kitamura invented the world’s first Silent Piler, noise and vibration free piling machine in 1975. Through innovation over the last 40 years, considering environmental, spatial, and geological constraints on pile installation, he made the impossible, possible. He also took initiative in the creation of the IPA as international community of the Press-in Engineering.
  • Late Mr. Yasuo Kakiuchi and Mr. Takaharu Kakiuchi, Former and current chairman of the Kakiuchi Ltd.
Late Mr. Yasuo Kakiuchi dedicated to materialize the idea of Silent Piling proposed by Mr. Kitamura in 1970s. Since then he and his successor Mr. Takaharu Kakiuchi have played an essential role of producing a series of Silent Pilers which helped a wide acceptance of Silent Piler in piling works in domestic and overseas projects.
  • Dr. Malcolm David Bolton, Emeritus Professor of the University of Cambridge, Ph.D. and a FREng.
Professor Malcolm David Bolton has contributed to the advancement of the Press-in engineering through various research activities for a long period of time, including Cambridge-Giken collaborative research projects since 1994. He has also contributed to the International Press-in Association as the first President for 10 years since IPA was founded in 2007 at the Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

対象者:       個人

資格・適格: 分野を問わず、長年に渡り圧入技術発展に功績が認められる人物

授賞時期:   3年ごとに開催される圧入工学に関する国際会議(ICPE)開催時に授与
                   (本年は9月19日-20日の第一回 開催時)

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提出物:      1. 推薦を受ける方(被推薦者)の経歴
                    2. 推薦書(Nomination Form) ダウンロード:Nomination Form【ここをクリック】
                    3.   推薦理由(新聞・雑誌・論文掲載記事等、客観的な資料などを含めた構成可)

     (注:提出物は英語-Century 11 もしくは Times New Roman 11フォント使用-

提出期限:      2018年7月31日(火)