French Version of “Press-in Retaining Structures: A Handbook” was published

01 April, 2022 Publications
The International Press-in Association (IPA) is pleased to announce the publication of the “Press-in Retaining Structures: A Handbook” (French Version). The handbook is a translated version of the original English version, which was published in June 2021.
We envisage that the handbook will be utilized in many countries. Therefore, we have been translating it into multiple languages, including French. We would appreciate it if engineers in French speaking countries make good use of the handbook for their actual projects, research & development and training etc. We also expect that the handbook will be useful for international civil engineers when communicating with French speaking engineers in English, since the English and French versions can be cross referenced with each other.
The handbook is available at the IPA webpage. Please click the following link if you would like to acquire it.