• SUDA et al. (2018) 『Introduction of Video-CIM System to Pile Driving Construction at the Ex-tremely Weak Ground』

    Author(s): Kiyotaka SUDA,Norio KANI,Akihiro KAZUMI,Kazuyosi TATEYAMA

    Key words: ICT construction,self-standing type of steel sheet pile, Video CIM management, monitoring
    [0.87 MB]
  • ISHIHARA (2018) 『Use of Press-in Piling Data for Automatic Operation of Press-in Machines and Estimation of Subsurface Information』

    Author(s): Yukihiro ISHIHARA

    Key words: Press in piling data , Automatic operation, Estimation of subsurface information
    [1.11 MB]
  • NAKANIWA et al. (2018) 『Pile Driving and Drilling Monitoring Survey Technology Using a Total Station』

    Author(s): Kazuhide NAKANIWA,Mariana Chung ZOU,Daisuke NISHI,Hideki NAKAGOSHI

    Key words: Cylindrical Structure, Total Station, Reticle, Central Coordinates, Concentric Circles, Pile, Piling
    [0.80 MB]
  • TANAKA et al. (2018) 『Investigation of Efficiency and Labor Saving by Utilizing ICT in Ground Improvement Work』

    Author(s): Yoichi TANAKA,Yasushi NITTA

    Key words: Soft ground , S oil improvement, M anagement method, ICT
    [0.54 MB]
  • HATA et al. (2018) 『Rock Press-fitting Excavation Record by Pipe Drilling Method』

    Author(s): Terumichi HATA,Masaaki KASAKAWA,Keisuke OHTSU

    Key words: Rotary press fitting, Rock drilling
    [1.01 MB]
  • UNO et al. (2018) 『Measuring System of Improved Diameter in High Pressure Injection Mixing Method』

    Author(s): Masatoshi UNO,Shiho SAIMEN,Juichi ISE

    Key words: measu ring system , improved diameter high pressure injection measuring rod tube
    [0.81 MB]
  • OHSUMI et al. (2018) 『Flash Report on Damage Caused in Mexico City, Mexico, by the 2017 Puebla-Morelos Earthquake』

    Author(s): Tsuneo OHSUMI,Hemanta HAZARIKA

    Key words: 2017 Puebla Morelos Earthquake, Mexico City, Puebla, earthquake disaster, disaster re s ilience technology
    [1.31 MB]
  • SHOGAKI et al. (2018) 『Load History of Cedar Foundation Pile in the Mietsu Naval Facility World Heritage』

    Author(s): Takaharu SHOGAKI, Daishi OKUDA

    Key words: World Heritage, pile foundation, load history, ult imate load, total energy, Hasuike clay
    [1.37 MB]
  • YUSOFF et al. (2018) 『The Acceptance Level of Silent Piling Technology Among Local Authorities in Malaysia』

    Author(s): Nor AziziYUSOFF,Suliadi Firdaus SUFAHANI,Nur AbidahAZHAR,Tuan Norhayati TUAN CHIK

    Key words: silent pil ing, local authorities, Malaysia
    [0.69 MB]
  • DOUBROVSKY (2018) 『Press-in Piling Survey in Ukraine』

    Author(s): Michael DOUBROVSKY

    Key words: Press-In Method, Ukrainian piling market, Design and construction guidelines.
    [0.72 MB]