Message from President

A warm welcome to the website of the International Press-in Association (IPA).
IPA is an international organization of Press-in engineering founded in 2007,
with challenging aims of fusion among various engineering disciplines,such as
geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering,
monitoring engineering, data and information processing, and other engineering
disciplines. The IPA Constitution defines the purpose of IPA as advancing the
Press-in engineering through the international cooperation amongst practitioners,
project owners and academia, promoting environmentally-considered construction,
and thus contributing to the development of society.
The activities of IPA include;
  1. To encourage information exchange among specialized piling contractors, general contractors, design engineers, project owners, material suppliers, machine manufacturers and academia for improving the planning, design and construction of embedded structures and walls, that is the prime purpose of the Press-in engineering and the Association.
  2. To promote research and development by organizing committees and/or working groups of engineers and academia from various disciplines that compose Press-in engineering such as but not limited to geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, measuring-surveying-monitoring engineering, data and information processing.
  3. To compile State of the Art and Practice of Press-in engineering and help practicing engineers solve real-life problems and assist government agencies develop relevant codes and standards.
  4. To support and hold international conferences, symposia, lectures and seminars related to Press-in engineering.
  5. To evaluate studies, technologies, and practices related to Press-in engineering and award honors.
  6. To improve public and government awareness of Press-in engineering through IPA web site and publications.
  7. To promote the communication among the members of the Association and the professional development of the members.
  8. To perform other activities required to attain the purpose of the Association.
The new website introducing a profile, an organization structure and Constitution, also contains various aspects of IPA activities, including Technical Committee activities, back numbers of IPA quarterly Newsletter, IPA publications, International Conference of Press-in Engineering, IPA seminars on Press-in technology and more. The website also equips with convenient functions for the benefits of the visitors such as membership applications, purchasing of publications and registration with payment for IPA events. 
Further development on the web site is currently continued for the Members site with the designated privileges for the membership holders and planned to be available prior to the next General Assembly in 2018.
I warmly invite you to have a look around the website, and get to know us better.
Dr. Osamu Kusakabe
International Press-in Association