Admission guidance

The IPA is inviting public participation worldwide from various technical fields especially related to the Press-in engineering such as environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, instrumentation and construction engineering.

Privileges of Members
Types of Membership Individual Members Corporate
Privileges • Members are able to join the global network of IPA Members and the organizations in association with IPA
• Subscription of the quarterly publication of IPA Newsletter
• Posting articles to the IPA Newsletter
• Apply special rate in admission/registration dues for the events organized by IPA
• Submission of research papers to the conferences and seminars organized by IPA
• Browsing of the research papers with respect to the Press-in Method through IPA website
Voting right and election right of directors and auditors × × ×
Voting right to the IPA General Assembly × ×
Reading and borrowing from IPA Library for free
Linkage of Corporate Member website with the IPA website × × ×
Receiving advices and suggestions with respect to technical information, papers, information exchanges and joint-researches × × ×
Advertise Corporate Members in the IPA Newsletter × × ×
Free individual membership without voting right to be provided - - -
Annual Due JPY 10,000 Refer to the following Free Free
Types of Corporate members Annual Due Free membership
Platinum  JPY 1,000,000 5 memberships 
Gold JPY 500,000 3 memberships 
Silver        JPY 300,000 2 memberships 
Bronze JPY 100,000 1 membership
 Admission Guidance for Student Members

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How to Apply for IPA Membership
Types of Membership Individual Members Student members Corporate
Admission application processing By online
By online
By email
By email By email
  • The financial year of International Press-in Association (IPA) runs from 1 April until 31 March in the following year.
  • In the case that Corporate Members join after 1 October, the annual due is to be reduced by 50%.
  • Invoices/Receipts are not basically issued. If necessary, please contact the secretariat after sending the application.
  • The credit card payment system for Individual Members has been installed since October 2017. For Corporate Members, the IPA secretariat shall inform them of their annual fee and the detail of the bank account for the payment after receiving the application.