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The “IPA Newsletter vol.1, 1” was first published on September 2016, sending out the latest information of Press-in Method. Since then, IPA Newsletter has been published quarterly (March, June, September and December) and delivered to people involved in Press-in Method like academic researchers and practical engineers. As new technologies, case studies and on-site interview are published, please look at the Newsletters.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could send articles to the IPA secretariat (tokyo@press-in.org).

 The latest IPA Newsletter
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 March 2024  Newsletter Vol.9,1 (PDF)
 December 2023  Newsletter Vol.8,4 (PDF)
 September 2023  Newsletter Vol.8,3 (PDF)
 June 2023  Newsletter Vol.8,2 (PDF)
 March 2023  Newsletter Vol.8,1 (PDF)
 December 2022  Newsletter Vol.7,4 (PDF)
 September 2022  Newsletter Vol.7,3 (PDF)
 June 2022  Newsletter Vol.7,2 (PDF)
 February 2022 (Specia Issue for 15th Anniversary)  Newsletter Vol.7,1 (PDF)
 December 2021  Newsletter Vol.6,4 (PDF)
 September 2021  Newsletter Vol.6,3 (PDF)
 June 2021  Newsletter Vol.6,2 (PDF)
 March 2021  Newsletter Vol.6,1 (PDF)
 December 2020  Newsletter Vol.5,4 (PDF)
 September 2020  Newsletter Vol.5,3 (PDF)
 June 2020  Newsletter Vol.5,2 (PDF)
 March 2020  Newsletter Vol.5,1 (PDF)
 December 2019  Newsletter Vol.4,4 (PDF) 
 September 2019  Newsletter Vol.4,3 (PDF)
 June 2019  Newsletter Vol.4,2 (PDF)
 March 2019  Newsletter Vol.4,1 (PDF)
 December 2018 (Special Issue for ICPE 2018)  Newsletter Vol.3,4 (PDF)
 September 2018  Newsletter Vol.3,3 (PDF)
 June 2018  Newsletter Vol.3,2 (PDF)
 March 2018  Newsletter Vol.3,1 (PDF)
 December 2017  Newsletter Vol.2,4 (PDF)
 September 2017  Newsletter Vol.2,3 (PDF)
 June 2017  Newsletter Vol.2,2 (PDF)
 March 2017  Newsletter Vol.2,1 (PDF)
 December 2016  Newsletter Vol.1,2 (PDF)
 September 2016  Newsletter Vol.1,1 (PDF)
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