IPA Prospectus

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About  International Press-in Association (IPA)
The IPA is the academic organization to explicate the unseen phenomena and mechanism of underground by the Press-in Engineering in close coordination with various technical fields such as geotechnical, environmental, mechanical, construction and instrumentation engineering.
   Name of Association      International Press-in Association, IPA for short                      
Date of Establishment  16 February , 2007
Board Members  30                                                                  Organization
(April 2022) 
Individual Members    690
Corporate Members      53                        Admission guidance
Student Members          42
Address Office in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan                     Inquiry


The Members of IPA Establishment at the Cambridge University in 2007

  • Establishing a worldwide network sharing an academic interest in the Press-in Method
  • Social contributions following academic development regarding the Press-in Method
  • Social contributions following human resource developments regarding the Press-in Method
  • Collection and distribution of technical information
  • Providing opportunities to publish research and case studies
  • Research to solve specific technical issues
Conferences / Seminars
  • International Conference
    “The International conference on Press-in Engineering (ICPE)”
    (scheduled once in three years from 2018)
  • Seminars & Workshops
   ・“IPA Seminar on Press-in technology” is held several times a year.
               (2017: Singapore and Malaysia, 2018: Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam)
           ・“IPA Press-in Engineering Seminar” has been held once a year in Japan (Tokyo & Kochi) since 2010.
           ・“IPA International Workshops”
              Cambridge (2007), New Orleans (2008), Shanghai (2010), Singapore (2012) and Ho Chi Minh (2014)
Research Activities
    Please Click Here: https://www.press-in.org/en/page/reserch_activities
Publications (After 2018)
  • 2020 “Design and Construction Guideline for Press-in Piling 2020 (the Japanese version)”
        “IPA Newsletters (Volume 4, Issue 1 - Volume 4, Issue 4 2019)”  
  • 2019    “Chinese Version of “Press-in retaining structures: a handbook”
                “Press-in Piling Case History Volume1, 2019”
                “IPA Newsletters (Volume 3, Issue 1 - Volume 3, Issue 4 2018)”   
  • 2018    Proceedings of The International conference on Press-in Engineering
                IPA Newsletters (Volume 1, Issue 1 - Volume 2, Issue 4 2016-2017)
      Other Publications: https://www.press-in.org/en/publication/index/1
 History of IPA
  • Honorary President, Successive Presidents and Secretaries-General
  • History
          Details: https://www.press-in.org/en/page/history