IPA Prospectus

About  International Press-in Association (IPA)

 The IPA is the academic organization to explicate the unseen phenomena and mechanism of underground by the Press-in Engineering in close coordination with various technical fields such as environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, instrumentation and construction engineering.
   Name of Association      International Press-in Association, IPA for short                      
Date of Establishment  16 February , 2007
Board Members  27(2019)                                                 Organization
(July, 2019) 
Individual Members    667
Corporate Members      54                         Adimission guidance
Student Members          15
Address  Office in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan                    Inquiry

 The Members of IPA Establishment at the Cambridge University in 2007


  • Establishing a worldwide network sharing an academic interest in the Press-in Method
  • Social contributions following academic development regarding the Press-in Method
  • Social contributions following human resource developments regarding the Press-in Method
  • Collection and distribution of technical information
  • Providing opportunities to publish research and case studies
  • Research to solve specific technical issues
Conferences / Seminars
  • ≪ International Conference on Press-in Engineering (ICPE)≫ 
     The 1st International Conference on Press-in Engineering (ICPE) is scheduled to be held in 2018.
     After that, ICPE will be held in Kochi, Japan, once every three years.

  • ≪Seminars≫
   1. The individual seminars were held in Singapore and Malaysia in 2017.
               *The seminars are scheduled to be held a few times a year from 2018.
           2. The IPA Press-in Engineering Seminar has been held in Tokyo
                or Kochi every year since 2010.
           3. The IPA International Workshop was held in Cambridge (2007), 
               New Orleans (2008), Shanghai (2010), Singapore (2012) and 
     Ho Chi Minh (2014).
Research Activities
  • TC1   Application of Self Retaining Tubular Pile Wall to Hard Ground  
           Chairman: Associate Prof. Jiro Takemura    Tokyo Institute of Technology
           Members: 14  ( 12 organizations)    
  • TC2   Estimation of Subsurface Information from Data Obtained during Press-in Piling
          Chairman: Dr. Osamu Kusakabe    President of IPA
          Members: 9 ( 6 organizations) 
  • TC3   Expansion of Applicability and Assessment of Seismic Performance of PFS Method
           Chairman: Prof. Jun Otani    Kumamoto University
           Members: 24 ( 20 organizations)
  • IPA Newsletter    (Since 2016 IPA Newsletter as a quarterly periodicals)
  • In 2016    Press-in retaining structures: a handbook   
  • In 2015    “Design and construction manual of the Press-in Method in Japanese, June 2015”   
  • In 2014    “Design and construction manual of steel tubular pile earth retaining walls by Gyropress Method (Rotary cutting Press-in) in Japanese, March 2014”  
  • In 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015    “Press-in Engineering”      
 History of IPA

 Foundations/Structures play an important role in the recent civilization, however, the design is dependent on experienced bases.The interaction mechanism of piles/sheet piles and ground is important in the Press-in Method.
 IPA was established in 2007 to aim to present a new framework, which gets rid of experienced bases, by researching the behavior of structures based on this feature.
      Jul. 1975         The first ‘reaction based’ hydraulic sheet pile jacking/pressing machine was developed
by Mr Akio Kitamura of GIKEN LTD. in Japan.
Oct. 1990  The piling work by the Press-in Method was adopted for the Cambridge
Crystallographic Data Centre.
Oct. 1994 The research collaboration started between GIKEN and the Cambridge University.
Oct. 2002 Prof. D. White, one of the current directors of IPA, earned a PhD degree related to the Press-in Method.
Sep. 2005  The IPA Preparatory Assembly was held at Kochi University of Technology
in Japan.(Founders : Mr Akio Kitamura of GIKEN LTD, Prof. Malcolm Bolton of the
Cambridge university and Prof. Hajime Okamura of Kochi University of Technology)
Nov. 2006 The IPA Preparatory Committee invited cooperative research proposals.
Jan. 2007 The 1st IPA Research Grant Award winners were announced.
Feb. 2007 The IPA General Assembly and Inaugural Workshop were held at the Cambridge University. Then, Prof. Malcom Bolton assumed the post of
the first IPA President.
Apr. 2016  Dr. Osamu Kusakabe assumed the second IPA President.