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Organization (Updated in July 2020)

Directors・Auditors (Updated in June  2020)
Title Name Organization Countries
President/Director Chun Fai Leung Professor, National University of Singapore Singapore 2020-2021
Vice President/Director Kenneth Gavin Professor, Delft University of Technology Netherlands 2019-2020
Vice President/Director Tatsunori Matsumoto Honorary Professor, Kanazawa University Japan 2020-2021
Vice President/Director David White Professor, University of Southampton United Kingdom 2020-2021
Vice President/Director Nor Azizi Bin Yusoff Senior Lecturer, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia(UTHM) Malaysia 2019-2020
Executive Director Osamu Kusakabe Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan 2020-2021
Director Alexis Philip Acacio Professor, The Philippines Geotechnical Society Philippines 2019-2020
Director Mounir Bouassida Professor, University of Tunis El Manar - National Engineering of School of Tunis Tunisia 2019-2020
Director Michael Doubrovsky Professor, Odessa National Maritime University Ukraine 2019-2020
Director Marcos Massao Futai Associate Professor, Geoinfra University of Sao Paulo Brazil 2019-2020
Director Stuart Haigh Reader, The University of Cambridge United Kingdom 2019-2020
Director Yukihiro Ishihara Manager, GIKEN LTD. Japan 2019-2020
Director Yoshiaki Kikuchi Professor, Tokyo University of Science  Japan 2020-2021
Director Pastsakorn Kitiyodom Deputy Managing Director, Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. Thailand 2020-2021
Director Masayuki Koda Director, Railway Technical Research Institute Japan 2019-2020
Director Junichi Koseki Professor, The University of Tokyo Japan 2020-2021
Director Barry Michael Lehane Professor, The University of Western Australia Australia 2020-2021
Director Andrew McNamara Senior Lecturer, City, University London United Kingdom 2019-2020
Director Kiyoshi Minami Managing Executive Officer, Muramoto Corporation Japan 2019-2020
Director Ramin Motamed Associate Professor, University of Nevada Reno United States 2020-2021
Director Jun Otani Trustee and Vice President, Kumamoto University Japan 2019-2020
Director Kenichi Soga Chancellor's Professor, University of California, Berkeley United States 2020-2021
Director Hiroko Suzuki Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology Japan 2019-2020
Director Jiro Takemura Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology  Japan 2019-2020
Director Masaaki Terashi Technical Advisor, GIKEN LTD. Japan 2020-2021
Director Taro Uchimura Professor, Saitama University   Japan 2020-2021
Director Anh Tuan Vu Lecturer, Le Quy Don Technical University Viet Nam 2020-2021
Director Lei Yang Vice President, SHANGHAI TUNNEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD.  China 2020-2021
Director Limin Zhang Professor, HongKong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong 2020-2021
Auditor Yoshihisa Fujisaki Director, GIKEN LTD. Japan 2019-2020
Auditor Guixuan Wang Professor, Dalian University China 2019-2020
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