4th International Forum on Urban Flood Control and Drainage Capacity (IFUFC) 2019

26 August, 2019 Events
4th International Forum on Urban Flood Control and Drainage Capacity (IFUFC) 2019 will be held by
Chinese Institute of Civil Hydraulic and Engineering (CICHE), China Civil Engineering Society (CCES),
Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society (CHES), and other organizations.
IPA is one of the co-organizers and IPA President, Dr. Osamu Kusakabe will make a lecture at coming IFUFC.
The Forum will continue to facilitate in-depth discussion with focus on flood control, drought resistance and disaster reduction,
water ecological environment protection, water conservancy reform and management.
Under the theme of Urban Flood Control and Management, the Forum is expected to analyze current situation
in China and improve urban planning regarding flood control and ecological restoration and management
and promote urban development in harmony with nature.
It is also expected to revitalize the role of ground space and underground development through discussion.
Attended by about 500 scholars and experts from home and abroad, the Forum gathers solutions to water conservancy pain points.
The Organizing Committee welcomes information exchange and experience sharing among various talents.
With interdisciplinary approach and multi-perspective discussion, the IFUFC 2019 is certain to become
a successful gathering of great minds and contribute wisdom to improve urban flood control and management. 
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