List of Distinguished Research Award Winners

Title Estimation of N Value and Soil Type from PPT Data in Standard Press-in and Press-in With Augering
Winners Yukihiro Ishihara GIKEN LTD.
  Nanase Ogawa GIKEN LTD.
  Ming Lei GIKEN LTD.
  Koichi Okada GIKEN LTD.
  Mai Nishigawa GIKEN LTD.
  Akio Kitamura GIKEN LTD.
Source Press-in Engineering 2013, Proceedings of 4th IPA International Workshop in Singapore, pp. 116 – 129, 2013.
Title Recent research into the behaviour of jacked foundation piles
Winners D.J. White Cambridge University Engineering Department, UK
  A.D. Deeks Cambridge University Engineering Department, UK
Source Advances in Deep Foundations, pp. 3-26, 2007.