Innovative Technology Award

The IPA recognizes and honors innovative technologies that significantly contributed to the advancement of press-in engineering.

Development of “Headroom restriction clear Piler for ultra-low overhead clearance” and “steel sheet pile mechanical joint”

Development team:
Japan Water Agency, Japan.
East Japan Railway Company, Japan,

Outline of Innovative Technology and the reason for awarding:
This project made three significant innovations:
(1) Development of an ultra-low overhead clearance silent piler. The headroom has been reduced from a height of 1365mm for a conventional Clear Piler to 1080 mm for the ultra-low headroom piler.
(2) Development of a special steel sheet pile to be fitted from lateral direction by horizontal feed joints in S-shape for the use with the ultra-low headroom piler.
(3) Application of the new equipment to the installation of a sheet pile wall under a bridge. The headroom was extremely small and the water flow velocity was up to 2 m/s.
Considering the significance of the innovations and potential future applications of the technology, this project deserves an Innovative Technology Award.
 Application Details

Nomination deadline:  15th March 2019, Friday
Awardee: Individual engineers or a team who developed innovative technologies. Depending on the nature of innovative technology, an organization or group of organizations such as machine manufacturer, material manufacturer, specialized contractor or research institution may become the awardee.
Eligibility:  Any innovative technology, the significance of which is verified through actual construction. The innovative technologies include but are not limited to efficient pile installation machinery, auxiliary equipment to cope with spatial and environmental restrictions, new prefabricated piles and attachments, instrumentation to monitor pile behavior and/or the ground condition, and a system to guarantee the performance of the piles and embedded walls.

An individual member or a corporate member of the IPA who developed the technology may submit nomination material electronically to the Award Committee ( no later than the nomination deadline. Nomination material should include a description of the technology, high quality photographs, publications related to the technology (if any), a letter of recommendation from a third party such as the project owner, design consultant or general contractor, and nomination form. Guidelines for preparing nomination materials may be found in the nomination form.

Download nomination form here.

Award Information:
  1. The Award will be presented at an appropriate IPA event by the IPA President.
  2. The representative individual is the recipient of the Award and will be required to introduce the innovative technology at an appropriate IPA event or through IPA publications.