List of Outstanding Project Award Winners


Awarded Date: 19 June 2021
Title Emergency Bridge Abutment Repair with Pressed-in Pipe Piles
Winners Takefumi Takuma  Giken America Corporation
  Hiroyuki Nishimura Japan Press-in Association
  Masashi Nagano Giken America Corporation

Awarded Date: 19 June 2021
Title Construction project of retaining wall adjacent to railway in Kyushu, Japan
Winners SANKIKENSETSU, INC., Japan (Prime Contractor)
  Kyushu Railway Company, Japan (Project Owner)
  Tonichi Consultant, Japan (Design)
  Kyushu Sales Office, GIKEN LTD., Japan (Planning)
  Kansai Sales Office, GIKEN SEKO LTD. Japan (Pile Driving Contractor)
The reason for awarding:
This was a very challenging project of installing a series of 1000 mm diameter steel tubular piles in very steep slope. The retaining wall was constructed to create a space for a new railway track. An extensive series of FEM analysis was conducted during the design stage to avoid excess movement of a large apartment building and houses that existed on the hill, which was cut to create the new space. An innovative design of a continuous beam attached to the sequence of tubular piles was adopted to improve the stiffness of the wall. The construction of the wall was executed successfully. The project deserves IPA award as it will be an excellent case study that demonstrates the use of innovative solution to create a new structure in densely populated urban area.