Russian Version of “Press-in Retaining Structures: A Handbook” was published

01 November, 2021 Publications
Press-in Retaining Structures: A Handbook (Second Edition, 2021) was translated into Russian and published in October 2021.
The International Press-in Association (IPA) is proceeding vigorously to translate the handbook into multiple languages in order to make it available in as many language zones as possible. The Russian version is part of this activity. The handbook is currently also being translated into Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Thai, Vietnamese and Arabic. All over the world, the construction of infrastructures is a common activity to facilitate the development of countries and regions. To meet the global challenges, the contents of the handbook are kept universal.
We had a great contribution from an IPA Board member, Professor Michael Doubrovsky of Odessa National Maritime University (Ukraine) in the supervision and translation of the Russian version.
Details of Handbook and order: