Caution: Spams (Spoofed email)

28 January, 2021 Notices
Please kindly be notified that IPA has received some spams pretending as IPA Secretariat recently. IPA would like you to be careful not to do the following in case you find any suspicious emails, but discard them accordingly.
  • Resend, or transfer the emails
  • Open the files attached on the emails
  • Click the links (URL) attached on the emails
How to identify the spams:
  • Spoofed emails
          The address of the sender defers from that on the original email.
          From:**** <>
                            ↓             ↓
                        Sender                   Original email address
  • Genuine emails
           You can find the organization name “ipa”, staff’s name, and domain name “”.
           From:Name <***>
IPA will take measures to improve the security on our IT system more strictly.