Outstanding Project Award

The IPA recognizes and honors a project that exemplifies superiority of a pile group, embedded structures and/or embedded walls in meeting the project requirements and public expectations.
 List of Award Winners

List of Outstanding Project Award Winners: Click Here
 Application Details

Application Period: From 9/25/2023 to 2/29/2024

An organization or a group of organizations (Project Owner, Design Consultant, General Contractor, Piling Contractor, Machinery and Material Suppliers) that made substantial contributions to the completion of project. The awardee is not necessarily a member of IPA.

Eligibility and Judging Criteria:
Any project including installation of a group of piles or an embedded wall, completed and in operation or in service at the time of recognition is eligible. The function of the piles or embedded wall may be temporary or permanent. The project may either be small or large in terms of scale or budget as far as the project exemplifies the superiority of a group of piles or embedded wall from a variety of viewpoints including, but not limited to, the maximum use of limited land space, effective use of underground space, reduction of adverse environmental impact, effective reinforcement of aged or historic structures, resiliency of the structure under extreme actions such as earthquakes or Tsunamis.

An individual organization or a group of organizations involved in the project can submit nomination material electronically to the Awards Committee (ipa.award@press-in.org) no later than the nomination deadline. Nomination material should include a project summary, high quality photographs, publications related to the project (if any) and nomination form. Guidelines for preparing nomination materials may be found in the nomination form.

Download nomination form here.

Award Information:
  1. The Award will be presented at an appropriate IPA event by the IPA President.
  2. The representative organization is the recipient of the Award and will be required to introduce the project at an appropriate IPA event.