Newsletter Vol. 8, 2 published

15 June, 2023 Newsletters

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ICPE 2024, Singapore
Call for Abstract
 (Prof. Chun Fai Leung)

Special Contribution
 Potential role of Press-in Piling to 
increase the resilience of critical 
infrastructure in Europe
 (Prof. Kenneth Gavin)
Other Topics:
・Director Research: Analysis of load-settlement behavior in bi-directional static load tests of bored piles (Prof. Mark Albert H. Zarco)
・Case History: Recent Applications of The Press-in Methods in Africa: The Cases of 
Senegal & Egypt (Prof. Mounir Bouassida)
・Interview Report: Overview and Practical Applications of Retaining System by 
Double-layered Sheet Piles
・Report: GA2023
・Report: From Amsterdam
・Young Members Column