Title Author Volume
 Usa Coast Seawall Upgrade Project, Kochi, Japan
 - Disaster Mitigation Projects at Coastlines in Kochi, Japan -
Mr. Ryo Kamioka Vol. 6,1
 Rapidly Increasing Press-in Piling Projects in New York Metropolitan Area   (Part 1) Mr. Takefumi Takuma
Mr. Masashi Nagano
Vol. 6,1
 Potential use of Gyro Pilers in ASEAN countries Dr. Teik Lim Goh Vol. 5,1
 Steel Tubular Pile Cofferdam Foundations in Bangladesh Mr. Tsunenobu Nozaki Vol. 3,2
 Development of Sheet Pile Foundation Dr. Hidetoshi Nishioka Vol. 2,4
 Singapore Experience in Press-in Piling Prof. C F Leung
Dr. Teik-lim Goh
Vol. 2,4
 A new steel sheet-pile method for countermeasures against the settlement of
 embankment on soft ground - Development of PFS Method
Prof. Jun Otani Vol. 2,3
 Activities of Restoration and Reconstruction of Iwate Prefecture from the
 Great East Japan Earthquake Tsunami
Mr. Ryuji Tanaka Vol. 2,1
 Application of special Press-in Piling Method for ERSS in Singapore Dr. NG Tiong Guan Vol. 2,1
 Control Measures for Installation and Removal of Temporary Earth Retaining
Dr. POH Teoh Yaw Vol. 2,1
 Feasibility study on using sheet pile as mitigation measure for road failure 
 alongside of canal in Thailand
Dr. Ittichai Boonsiri
Dr. Pastsakorn Kittiyodom
Vol. 2,1
 Seismic and Liquefaction Countermeasures in Kochi Coast, Japan Mr. Sachio Shintaku Vol. 1,2
 Restoration and Reconstruction of Kyu-Kitakami River Mr. Hiroho Takada Vol. 1,1
 Construction in Okitagawa Discharge Channel Mr. Mikiya Kubo Vol. 1,1