Special contributions by the experts

Title Author Volume
 Numerical Simulation of Penetration into Ground Prof. Yosuke Higo Vol. 8,3
 Potential role of Press-in Piling to increase the resilience of critical infrastructure in Europe Prof. Kenneth Gavin Vol. 8,2
 The challenge to Structural Health Monitoring of Expressway Embankment Prof. Atsushi Yashima Vol. 8,1
 Steel Pipe Piles, Tubular Sheet Piles, Steel Sheet Piles Confronting Natural Disasters Mr. Toshiharu Hirose Vol. 7,4
 The technological transition of steel pipe piles, tubular sheet piles, and steel sheet piles Mr. Tomoyuki Suzuki Vol. 7,3
  Research Projects at National Institute of Maritime, Port and Aviation Technology, Japan, for Achieving Carbon Neutrality Dr. Yoshiaki Kuriyama Vol. 7,2
 Subsurface cavities and road cave-ins Prof. Reiko Kuwano Vol. 6,4
 Comments on Analysis of a Static Loading Test Dr. Bengt H. Fellenius Vol. 6,3
 Long-term response of piled foundations to sustained load Dr. Bengt H. Fellenius Vol. 6,2
  Disaster Countermeasures and Recovery Technology for Existing Railway Structures Dr. Masayuki Koda Vol. 5,4
  Updating Dutch national guidelines for determining the axial capacity of piles in sand Prof. Kenneth Gavin Vol. 5,3
 Paradigm shift of disaster prevention and mitigation by city scale simulation Prof. Atsushi Iizuka Vol. 5,2
 Contribution of geotechnical engineering towards recovery from damage caused by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake Summary of the 2019 Ishihara Lecture in Rome Prof. Ikuo Towhata Vol. 5,1
 Technology Developments in Japanese Construction Industry Dr. Kenichi Horikoshi Vol. 4,4
 Gross National Safety Index for Natural Disasters (GNS) Associate Prof. Kazuya Itoh
Associate Prof. Mamoru Kikumoto
Associate Prof. Tomofumi Koyama
Vol. 4,4
 Piled Raft Foundation Combined with Deep Mixing Wall Grid Dr. Kiyoshi Yamashita Vol. 4,3
 Detection and Geotechnical Characterization of Sinkhole:Central Florida Case Study Associate Prof. Boo Hyun Nam Vol. 4,3
 Rapid Load Test of Piles Prof. Tasunori Matsumoto Vol. 4,2
 Current practice of piling works in Bangkok subsoils Dr. Wanchai Teparaksa
Mr. Visanu Vivatanaprasert
Vol. 4,1
 Seismic Response Analysis of Ground/Geo-structures using Geo-Analysis 
 Integration Code
Prof. Akira Asaoka
Prof. Toshihiro Noda
Vol. 3,3
 Optimizing the design of foundations on soils reinforced by columns Prof. Mounir Bouassida Vol. 3,3
 Innovative management system for infrastructure by utilization of 3D point 
 cloud data based on GIS platform
Dr. Hiroshi Dobashi Vol. 3,2
 Potential Damage to Steel Pipe Piles During Installation Prof. M.F. Randolph Vol. 3,1
 Measures for Earthquake- and Tsunami- Resilience Enhancement of   Industrial Parks in Bay Areas Prof. Masanori Hamada Vol. 2,4
 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake Tsunami and Future Tsunami Disaster
Prof. Masahiko Isobe Vol. 2,3
 A New Stage of Construction in Japan ― i-Construction Prof. Kazuyoshi Tateyama Vol. 2,2