Title Author Volume
 Site visit on the Keihin Canal Seawall heled by TC1 Mr. Naoki Suzuki Vol. 4,2
 Lecture Tour in Brazil Dr. Osamu Kusakabe
Dr. Jiro Takemura
Mr. Takefumi Takuma
Vol. 4,1
 The worst water-related disaster in Japan since 1982 IPA Secretariat
Mr. Takamasa Takeuchi
Vol. 3,3
 Special Talk with Guan Chuan Engineering Construction Pte Ltd. IPA Secretariat Vol. 3,2
 Activities for the Reinforcement of Existing Foundations Mr. Tomoyuki Suzuki Vol. 3,1
 The Museum of Pile Drivers opens in Kochi, Japan Ms. Rie Kanbara Vol. 2.3
 The Latest Model of Silent Piler Mr. Toru Matsuoka Vol. 2,3
 Activities of Japan Press-in Association Mr. Mamoru Kawabe Vol. 2,2
 Collaboration between JPA and IPA Mr. Tatsuro Sakai Vol. 2,2
 Recent publication related to Press-in Technology (2015-2016) Mr. Yukihiro Ishihara Vol. 1,1
 Damage survey after The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Dr. Tadahiko Okumura Vol. 1,1
 IPA and Giken activity in Odessa, Ukraine Prof. Michael Doubrovsky Vol. 1,1